Monday, March 1, 2010


Because the LORD takes care of me, there's nothing I ever want. He gives me peaceful rest in safety. Being with him makes everything all right. He leads me where I should go and shows me what I should do to bring Him glory. Sometimes, when I'm in a desperate situation, I don't have to be afraid because He is with me, leading and guiding me, teaching and disciplining me, comforting me. When I am in the middle of my enemies, He's got my back and protects me. He blesses and consecrates me, giving me more than I'll ever need. His goodness, kindness and unfailing mercy will always be with me wherever I go for the rest of my life. I will make my home in His presence forever.


  1. YAY!! i LOVE it! well done!i love you!

  2. Beautiful thoughts . . . and I say "Amen!"
    I'm glad I found your blog!!

  3. It's me again! I just found your photos! Wow!!! You are a tremendous photographer! You have some amazing shots! Sorry I'm just now catching up!