Friday, July 3, 2009

Halfway there?

After all that cleaning and organizing, I am getting ready for my first ever (and truly, hopefully, my one and only) garage sale--which is something of a misnomer since we have a carport instead of an actual garage. I have placed an ad on our local area's website and Monday will start pricing things. We really don't have a whole lot compared to other sales I've driven by so I'm hoping everything goes quickly. Way too hot for being out there too long. And, even though I have a few things of mine in the bunch, the money will all go to my daughter who will be moving to her own place next month and can use all the help she can get.
Wow! She'll be moving out for real this time, not just to a dorm room or an apartment for the semester. She's all grownup and has a real job and will really be on her own: bills, car note, insurance, etc.
I really am happy for her and very proud. She will be a teacher having an impact on children's lives--daily! *sigh* and *smile* :)

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