Saturday, January 3, 2015

A New Year

Just for something different, my daughter and I have decided to do 365 days of pictures. The ideas for each days’ picture comes from The Idea Room

The first day was “New” and I posted a sketch of a quilt block that I had drawn up that day. 


Day two was “Change” and I posted a picture of my Bible open to I John where I am currently reading. How can one not be changed when reading that? 


The reason I decided to blog about this experience is because the photo prompts have been challenging. They have got me thinking. Introspection. A new year always seems to get us thinking about our lives. To be honest, I just usually skip over the introspection and go on with my regular life. Thinking just takes too much brain power. Ugh!

But I truly want to change and in order to do that, I have to think.

I retired from 26 years of teaching this past spring, having spent the majority of my last teaching year in Houston. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma early in the year and with his treatments at MD Anderson, we decided to stay in Houston at a suite/hotel. 

When we were finally able to move back home, we did a lot of culling. Realized that all the “stuff” we accumulated over the past decade or so was just that: stuff. It was taking up space and getting in the way. 

One of the things I started not long after returning home was organizing my craft room. I have a lot of different mediums I like to work with and currently my favorite is fabric. I finally have time to quilt! Some quilts I’ve done for fun and some for people who asked me for something specific. I did a couple of t-shirt quilts for friends and, although I enjoyed making them for specific people, I decided that was not really the way I wanted to go. I am still rearranging things though and organizing my fabric to make things easier to work with. 

Today’s photo challenge is “organize” and I could put up a picture of those things in my craft room that have a new place. But I find myself wondering how to re-organize my life, thus the challenge. 

What does organization look like when you want to lose weight, revisit some old hobbies, become a better person? I think I’ll have to start making check lists to include everything. We’ll see what gets done and that will show me what is most important. 

Still don’t know what picture I’ll post. I don’t usually post until almost midnight anyway, so I have a few more hours to contemplate.  

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