Sunday, September 4, 2011

One of these days

A friend of mine just got back from Africa. He spent some time in Nairobi, Kenya and possibly some other locale I can't recall at this time. He posted pictures on Facebook. As I looked at those photos of the beautiful, smooth, black faces, I cried. I truly believe that the African people are the beautiful people of the earth. Yes, I cried. For several years now, in the back of my mind, down deep in my soul, I've yearned to go to Africa. But, I also am aware that I don't do heat! Heat and I DO NOT get along at all. How am I supposed to go to the deep, dark jungles of Africa when I'm "allergic" to heat? Another friend had gone last summer and again this summer and I noticed something in the pictures she posted: they're wearing jackets! Jackets! Do you mean to tell me that I could go to Africa in the summertime and bring a jacket and be comfortable? I'm crying again just thinking about it. Now to figure out how to get me from here to there.

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