Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here We Go!

I have spent the entire day online either searching for things, creating new things, or playing. I have never spent this much time online. My eyes are showing it. My back is feeling it.
I have:
  1. rearranged "My Farm" on facebook
  2. installed "Google Chrome" on my home computer
  3. created a blog on blogspot
  4. tried several times logging on to my school website to update but to no avail
  5. joined a new group on classroom2.0
  6. created a page on K-12 open source community
  7. stopped long enough to eat supper with my husband and watch our show on t.v.
  8. I DID get a shower today!
  9. talked to my Dad about his cell phone bill
  10. thought about finishing a quilt top
  11. didn't go outside for anything although the day was gorgeous

I am also trying to learn more about internet tools that can be used personally and in my classroom.

I think this is all I am going to ramble about in this post.

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